Getting Started

Introducing Lelylan

(Updated February 03, 2016)



Lelylan breaks up the Internet of Things complexities by providing a highly elastic and highly scalable way to build, deploy and manage modern iot applications based on microservices. Based on a clear API, a complete test suite, and a secure communication (HTTP, MQTT), every service is dedicated to one task (e.g. mqtt, device api, webhooks) creating an easier to maintain code and reducing the time to market by ~30%.


Microservices architecture is not a new style of building large scale enterprise applications. Companies like Netflix and Amazon have implemented microservices architecture to deliver successful products over the last few years. Lelylan brings these ideas into the Internet of Things.


Architecture →


Lelylan provides many blocks you need to run an connected product at scale in production. You can run on premise, in a cloud environment, or in a hybrid environment using both cloud and on premise infrastructure (we are studying solutions like Docker, Mesos, and Ansible to simplify the installation process).


Installation →


Get confident with Lelylan by creating a connected light using the hardware platforms you are most familiar with (e.g. Arduino, Raspberry, Electric Imp, CC3000) or by creating your first application for the Internet of Things. You can get started in 15 minutes (find more on Lelylan Labs).


Lelylan is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (no commercial licenses required).